Aleatico Passito Lazio PGI

Aleatico Passito Lazio PGI




Passito Aleatico PGI Lazio wine is produced from an aromatic black grape vine, the aleatico. According to etymological studies, its name recalls the adjective “Hellenic” in honour of Greece in which a similar variety is cultivated. The particular drying method used for aleatico grapes is carried out directly on the vine and not on trellis after harvesting. Grapes stay on the vine more than the usual time required for ripening, being exposed to natural and climatic agents that trigger specific chemical reactions. This leads to an extremely pleasant wine, with a soft and sweet taste and a bouquet with clear floral scents. The colour is red ruby with violet shades.

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  • Production area: Nettuno ed Anzio
  • Type of grapes: aleatico grapes
  • Altitude: 10-30 msl
  • 50CL


Perfect to taste next to cheeses, at the end of the meal, or to combine with dry pastries.



Cantina Bacco is a winery of Lazio founded in 1973 by the association of the best wine producers of the area. Tradition, quality and rigorous care in each wine bottle are the business goal of this winery.