Online wine’s sale from producer

Buying wine online directly from the producer means to choose “farm-to-table” products bottled directly at source to respect the environment. Cantina Bacco, a winery located at Lazio, opens its doors to consumers also online by offering their best bottles: white and red wines, spirits and sparkling wines selected by hands of winemakers with experience of generations in vine. The products of Cantina Bacco respect the traditions of a territory known since the ancient Rome for its refined grape and inebriating wine. Discover Rome’s and Nettuno’s DOC products, together with those of Lazio IGT and PGI, from one of the only winery in Italy that cultivates ungrafted vines.

Directly from winery to consumers

Cantina Bacco is a winery of Lazio present in the territory since the ‘70s. It respects the traditions of viticulture and wine making for more than 40 years. Grapes are mainly harvested by handpicking and bottled at source. At the same time, Cantina Bacco uses cutting edge technologies in the production and distribution processes of its high quality products. In 2018, it has established its own e-commerce for its best bottles, making the typical wines from Lazio available for the whole peninsula and for the world.

Why buying directly from the italian producer

Tradition, quality and attention in each bottle. This is the mission of Cantina Bacco and its wines. A wine’s culture that is now present online with the selection of the most precious bottles produced by respecting the territory and the environment. Buying wines from Cantina Bacco, more than buying from the producer site, means also to support the activity of families devoted to viticulture and winemaking since decades, and to support the typical products from Lazio that respect the environment and territorial sustainability.