What is covered by the shipping cost?

The shipping cost includes VAT if applicable. Shipping service includes:

• Shipping of requested products
• Packaging suitable for wine bottles transport
• Insurance against loss or damaging of goods

When free shipping is applicable?

Free shipping is applicable for all orders shipped in Italy that included at least 30 or more wine bottles.

What is the time for delivering?

Approximately between 2 and 4 working days for all orders in mainland Italy (excluding Calabria). Delivering time is increased and variable for islands, Calabria and other European countries, depending on the destination. Delivering time is calculated starting from 9:00 am of the working day next the order confirmation or, if the order has been paid by bank credit transfer, from the moment in which the company has received the payment.

What does it happen if a bottle is broken during shipping?

If a bottle is broken during shipping, our company will take care of retrieve the goods and will ship again all the products requested in the previous shipping (delivering time will be calculated respect to this new shipping). Once that shipping has been delivered, please ensure that goods are in perfect condition. If the package shows clear damages or alterations (also if only one bottle resulted broken), please reject the order and contact our company immediately.

Is it possible to establish a precise time for the delivery or to get contacted by the courier just before delivering of the order?

As general rule, it is not possible because we only offer basic shipping service, from Monday to Friday without notification. Although couriers schedule deliveries in the morning or afternoon, this scheduling could be suddenly changed without any compelling of notification by courier companies. We recommend to our customers to provide an address for delivery in which someone could be present to receive goods.

What does it happen if I am not at home when courier arrives?

The courier will leave a notice with the shipment reference and a phone number. You can call this phone number to request a new delivery or to arrange the collection of goods in the nearest courier’s depot. The number of delivery attempts could vary depending on the courier company and the area; for this reason it is essential that someone is always present at the destination address provided.

Do I have to pay something to courier?

Shipping costs are included in the order payment.

Is it possible to receive the goods at a hotel?

Yes of course, however we recommend to be sure about that the duration of your stay is suitable with the time of delivery.

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