Own roots. Cantina Bacco’s Cacchione is the only variety grown on “piede franco”, that is keeping the root system intact.



Wild personality. Aromas of ripe fruit and floral scents inevitably conquer the palate.



It does not go unnoticed. Its harmonious, fresh and well balanced taste is suitable for any occasion.



Local. This vine variety has always been present in the area of cultivation in the lands of the towns of Nettuno and Anzio.



Versatile for many combinations. From appetizers to white meats, from fish to vegetables, the flavor shines.



Determinedly original. Thanks to the maceration of whole grapes at a low temperature, its lingering flavor is enhanced.

I Vini dal vitigno del Cacchione

  • pantastico
    pantastico cacchione cantina bacco piede franco
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  • frizzante cacchione
    frizzante cacchione cantina bacco nettuno
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  • grappa di cacchione cantina bacco
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  • spumante cacchione
    spumante cacchione bollicine cantina bacco
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Close to Rome

there is a wine that you don’t expect!

Inland region close to the sea, the same sea that was crossed by Ulysses. Plots of land in cultivation since the Roman, medieval and Renaissance times. The enological culture pervades this region where the Cacchione vine variety was born. This vine variety has maintained its identity through the centuries, thanks to the tenacity of Cantina Bacco, which produces the only ungrafted vine wine of the region. Its plants stand on their own roots and have not been grafted, a perfect synonym of the adaption of vines to the land.

The Cacchione vine has always been a valuable resource for the territories of Nettuno and Anzio, where this vine finds its natural habitat. A double bond that makes Cacchione a unique wine in its category, standing out among the different Lazio varieties.


Today, in fact, the tradition continues to bear fruit thanks to the experimentation of new production techniques, which have led the local wines of Cantina Bacco outside the local boundaries. Thanks to the values ​​of authenticity and localization, the Cacchione finds its niche also on the international tables, where it is appreciated for its taste and its versatility of combination.